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    i-35E Dallas Map - i-35 Dallas Map - Interstate 35 Dallas Map ...
    i-35 Dallas Map - Interstate 35 Dallas Map

    i-35E Dallas Map ...

    Shown is the i-35E (highlighted in pink) where it travels through the metro Dallas area ...

    Interactive map: click interstate highway numbers for more maps ...
    i-35E Dallas Map
    The i-35, or Interstate 35 Highway, is the main interstate highway route that travels generally in a north-south direction through the metro Dallas area. In the Dallas area, the i-35 is also called/referred to as the "i-35E" or "i-35 East"... reflecting the fact that the i-35 splits into 2 sections (an east and west section) as it approaches the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex area... the west section (i-35W) travels through Forth Worth, the east section (i-35E) travels through Dallas.

    Certain sections of the i-35 in Dallas area also sometimes called the "Stemmons Freeway" and the "RL Thorton Freeway".

    Traveling from Dallas, the i-35 is the main interstate highway route north to Oklahoma City... and the i-35 is the main interstate highway route south to Waco, Austin, San Antonio, and the US/Mexico border crossing at Laredo Texas.

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